MOVIE SCREENING LICENSE SERVICES provides an easy way to comply with copyright law. We provide licensing for non-theatrical movie screenings for a variety of locations and occasions:

  • Businesses
  • Hotels
  • Indoor & Outdoor events
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs
  • Schools & University campuses

About Public Performance Screening Rights

Public Performance Rights legally allow you to screen movies and TV shows, while respecting the rights of content creators. It is the legal authorisation needed to avoid any copyright infringements.

Screening rights are required for any showings that are public; any performance outside a domestic and private context.

Movies which have been rented, purchased, borrowed or downloaded are not permitted to be used for public screenings as they have only been licensed for private use and not for exhibition to the public.

This legal requirement applies to everyone, regardless of whether the movie is screened commercially, with an admission fee, for a non-profit organisation or state government agency.


By screening movies without authorized licenses, ignorance cannot be used as a defence and you are acting illegally by breaching the international copyright laws. Those who violate copyright law would be prosecuted by the movie studios through their legal teams. To avoid the risk of huge fines (up to Rs. 7,500,000) and embarrassing publicity, please obtain the required licenses.


The cost of an official screening license is considerably very low and it is definitely the best choice for you to avoid paying millions of rupees for legal fees and massive fines.

Depending on the chosen movie, the venue and your requirements, we can obtain the appropriate screening license for you. The license cost depends on the venue type, number of participants, type of movie and the commercial aspect of such screening.


Who needs a license?

Any organization or person that wants to screen a movie in a public-performance environment needs to obtain a license.
Are all movies covered by copyrights?

Unless otherwise specified, all movies are covered by copyright. A license must be obtained to publicly screen the movie.
Do I still need a screening license if I own a copy of the movie or have an online subscription (Netflix or Amazon Prime)?

Movies which have been rented, borrowed, or purchased from a retail outlet, are licensed for home-use only. These cannot be shown to the public, unless properly licensed.

A subscription with DSTV, Canal+, Netflix, Amazon Prime or others, only permits you to access and stream content for private, non-commercial use (in your home or with a small private group of family/friends), not in a public setting, so you would still require a license.

Do I still need a license if the event I am hosting is free to the public and no fees are charged?

Yes. A license is required regardless of whether an admission fee is charged.
Do charity and non-profit organisations need a screening license?

Yes. As long as the movie is being screened in a public setting, then a license is required, irrespective of whether the aim is to raise money for a charity or for profit.
If I am hosting an event among a small, informal group, is a screening license still required?

Regardless of the number of people attending, a license needs to be obtained if the movie screening takes place outside your home. Home-use licenses only apply to a small circle of friends and family to view privately at home.
What if a third party (ie. a video store) says it’s okay to exhibit the movie if I have rented or purchased it?

All movies are sold as “home use only” and do not give you the legal permission to use it outside the home (public setting). You can only obtain copyright licensing directly from a licensor, not from a third party.

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