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The Lion King

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Action & Adventure, Animation, Drama
1 h 58 min
Age restriction:
Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen
Jon Favreau


After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.

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16 Aug 2019hall 311h00   15h30   18h00   
17 Aug 2019hall 311h00   15h30   18h00   
18 Aug 2019hall 311h00   15h30   18h00   
19 Aug 2019hall 311h00   15h30   18h00   
20 Aug 2019hall 311h00   15h30   18h00   
16 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00   21h00(3D)   
17 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00   21h00(3D)   
18 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00   21h00(3D)   
19 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00   21h00(3D)   
20 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00   21h00(3D)   
16 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00(3D)   21h00(3D)   
17 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00(3D)   21h00(3D)   
18 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00(3D)   21h00(3D)   
19 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00(3D)   21h00(3D)   
20 Aug 2019hall 111h00(3D)   14h00(3D)   18h00(3D)   21h00(3D)   
16 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   20h30   
17 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   15h15   20h30   
18 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   16h15   20h30   
19 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   20h30   
20 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   20h30   
21 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   
22 Aug 2019hall 110h00   13h00   
  • Jevish

    Will there be any schedule on 25th of july?

  • Noussiba Luckhun

    Hi, i would like to know whether “The lion king” scheduled for tomorrow 20 july at 9pm is in french or english version. Thanks.

  • Itz Lalaine Dequina

    Hi, I like to ask if my 1year old son is allowed in cinema we like to watch lion king, and also how much the price, thank you

    • Yadevi Damry

      How much the price?

  • shubh shadow

    Play at m. Cine flacq

  • Fanahy M’iaina

    Ce bon

  • Jeshinee

    Will there be any schedule on the 7th of August?

  • Yadevi Damry

    How much does 1 ticket cost?

  • Rajiv

    How much does 1 adult ticket cost and 1 child ( 3 years old)ticket cost

  • Rajiv

    Is” The Lion king ” movie showtime at 1800 hour today at STAR Bagatelle a 3D movie