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Our company and website focus on providing and catering for all movie and cinema needs. We guarantee that all the information and services provided on is updated and thoroughly curated for the best viewing experience. offers an easily available and accessible platform for users to search for any information related to movies and films. Users can search for which films have been released, where and when the films are being screened and can even book exclusive screening packages.


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To enhance your movie viewing experience, take advantage of our exclusive packages offered. Whether you would like a private romantic experience or a premium screening with all your mates, we have several tailor-made packages to offer.

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We have an advanced search system that will be able to meet all your movie exploration needs. Find out easily which movies have been released on the island, which cinemas are screening the movie and when the movies are screened. Our platform also gives access to all movie trailers and IMDb ratings.

Expert reviews

Not sure which movie would satisfy your tastes? Get access to our expert movie reviews. Our staff have handpicked acclaimed reviews on each released film in order for you to get an experts opinion beforehand. – A Member of the ABZ Group is a member of the reputable ABZ Group; a leading and key player in the local market.

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  • A complete Movie Directory
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