With cutting-edge premium cinema systems being pushed into the global marketplace, Eric Koenig, director of the Star Cinemas in Mauritius was the only one to make the technological and financial leap to adopt the innovative concept.

Influenced by the cinematographic worldwide trend, the Star Cinemas have been tinkering with the concept since it bloomed. The decision was quick and the Caudan Premium Theatre saw the day in November 2015, exquisitely designed to offer maximum comfort in sheer luxury for a VIP cinematographic experience.

Premium cinema has already emerged as one of the most promising concepts of cinema’s digital age. Now that the vast majority of exhibitors have made the transition from film to digital projection, many are experimenting with the use, in selected locations, of high-definition or laser projection, immersive sound and even motion seating. The Caudan Premium Theatre follows this innovative trend.

Luxury is its keyword

Fully-fledged, the Caudan Premium Theatre is an upscale movie theatre with 24 ultra-comfortable and spacious recliners, a tempting menu of delicate yet hearty finger foods, a full bar as well as professional and dedicated service. Luxury is its keyword. Even before entering the theatre, guests are given the feeling of being exclusive and important as the cinematographic adventure starts at the sophisticated private lounge, exclusively reserved for the Caudan Premium guests. The light sifting through this VIP lounge creates a cozy atmosphere. Guests can enjoy some snacks and drinks before the screening.


Viewers are the VIPs

The VIP treatment continues when privileged moviegoers are ushered into the Premium Theatre itself and sink into their respective leather reclining chair, conveniently equipped with a removable side table and lamp. The ultra-comfortable reclining chairs, positioned two by two, with a distance of two meters between each row, can equally be converted into cozy beds.

Pillows and quilts are at the disposal of the clients who will definitely feel like VIPs. A personal waiter service throughout the movie is also offered. Viewers have the option to order finger foods from the menu ranging from panini with chips through the tuna carpaccio and shrimp or crispy calamari.

Unrivaled cinematographic experience

The payoff is that such a luxurious movie theatre helps differentiate cinema from home entertainment. It attracts moviegoers in search of a unique and exceptional cinematographic experience. Audiences are bound to live the movie thanks to the state-of-the-art cinematic technology.

Combined with the latest projection system, the branded immersive QSC Sound System is geared to bring the magic when the lights go down and the audience is drawn into the world on the screen. For over 30 years, QSC has built a reputation for unmatched quality, performance and reliability.

Ideal venue for unmatched corporate events or even… romantic proposals

The Caudan Premium Theatre has equally diversified it services, giving a new dimension to the cinematographic experience. It is now available for rental, giving conscientious professionals the opportunity to strike hard by demarcating a corporate event. Whether you want to hold a corporate function or meeting, forget about the usual conference room and immerse yourself into a unique VIP setting. The theatre can equally be an exceptional venue for posh gatherings, or even the most romantic venue for a wedding proposal.

Opening hours

The Caudan Premium Theatre is closed on Mondays

From Tuesday to Friday:

Times – 18H15 | 21H15

Weekends and Public Holidays:

Times – 11H15 | 14H15 | 18H15 VO | 21H15