A Difficult Year - Poster

A Difficult Year

2 h 0 min
Pio Marmaï, Jonathan Cohen, Noémie Merlant
Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano


Albert and Bruno are in the red, compulsive consumers, over-indebted, they live between petty schemes for one and a personal life adrift for the other. It is in the associative path, which they both take to get their heads above water, that they will come across young rebellious activists, climate alarmists, lovers of social justice and eco-responsibility. More attracted by beer and free crisps than by their arguments, Albert and Bruno will gradually integrate the movement without conviction, if not that of taking advantage of each action and each rebellion to schem and profit from it. Between ideological or suffered minimalism, between overconsumption and happy sobriety, we face the complex simplicity of our future, the oppositions and paradoxes of our time, in short, everything is fine.

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