Zodi & Tehu, frères du désert - Poster

Zodi & Tehu, frères du désert

Adventure, Comedy, Family
1 h 45 min
Yassir Drief, Alexandra Lamy, Youssef Hajdi
Eric Barbier


Zodi, a young nomad of 12, discovers an orphaned baby camel in the desert. He takes it in, feeds it, names it Tehu and becomes its best friend. Zodi learns from a veterinarian, Julia, that Tehu is an exceptional runner and can bring in a lot of money for his tribe. But the qualities of his young camel make Tarek, the local poacher, envious. To avoid Tehu being sold, Zodi decides to run away and cross the Sahara. On this journey, Zodi confronts Tarek, survives a sandstorm and crosses the salt sea with the ultimate goal of entering Tehu in the world’s largest camel race in Abu Dhabi. With Julia’s help, Zodi will strive to make his dream come true, make Tehu a champion and save his tribe.

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